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Bill Shatner’s “Up Till Now”

I love Bill Shatner. Yes, I know he can be annoying. Yes, I know he is a bit of a quack. But I still love him. He makes me laugh.

Although I vaguely remember Shatner as Captain Kirk in Star Trek and the eponymous T.J. Hooker, for my money, Shatner’s best work is as Denny Crane in Boston Legal.

If you don’t know, Boston Legal is one of my all-time favorite shows. It had an incredible mix of drama, comedy, shock value and real life lessons. It was a solar system of bombastic, outsized characters, and every one of them was orbiting in the gravitational well that was Denny Crane. He was absurd. He was outlandish. He was scandalous. He was Denny Crane. Because of Denny Crane, I actually went back and watched the old Star Trek movies and even some of the show.

For the remainder of this post, I want you to imagine me overacting everything – I – SAY!

I picked up the unabridged audio recording of Shatner’s autobiography Up Till Now at a discount store in Tilton. To be honest, I might not have even paid $5 for it except that it was read by the author. Who could turn down Bill Shatner reading his own life story?

What can I say?

It was everything you would expect it to be. It was Bill Shatner talking about Bill Shatner. He read his own book as if it were a dramatic interpretation. He whispered; he shouted. He rushed; he paused. He read his poetry and talk-singing just as he reads them when he is performing.

It was perfect Shatner, and I loved it.Tags: , , , , ,

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