Revisiting Chickification of the Church

Back in 2008, I wrote a post called “Why Men Don’t Go to Church”. It has been a couple of years, and the post remains one of the most viewed on the blog. At the conclusion of the article, I wrote:

It is politically incorrect to be a man in today’s world and in today’s church, men are expected to follow and not lead. This is baloney of the lowest order. Being a Christian man means being a man. I want to lead a church of men, not chickified boys. I want to lead a church where men stand as men, lead as Christ would lead and build the kingdom together.

Guys, don’t put the burden of ministry and leadership on your wives and mothers because you are too lazy, self-absorbed, and emotionally-unstable to rise to the high calling of being a man.

Stop being a whiny little boy. Take off the short pants and put on some jeans.

Be a man. Love and submit to your wife. Pay your bills, raise your kids, and work hard – both inside and outside of the church. Give your wife a man worth loving, and she will thank you. Put your hands to work in the ministry and leadership God has appoint to you, and you will see amazing things happen.


Chickification does not have to do with women serving and working in the church. It has to do with men who 1) act like little girls, 2) don’t have a backbone, and 3) never take the lead.


3 thoughts on “Revisiting Chickification of the Church”

  1. “Chickification” is what John Eldredge identified in “Wild At Heart” as the sin of Adam. Was Adam aware of what Eve was getting into? He sure was. Could he have slapped the serpent good and told him to scram? He sure could have. Could he have taken the fruit from eve before she ate? Absolutely. All else failing, could he have dismissed himself from Eve’s presence and left her to fend for herself? Yup, though I think that may well have wrought some kind of punishment. Adam’s lack of initiative & action, IMO, could be identified as “chickification.”

    As children of Adam (speaking of us men), this is a sin that is visited to generation upon generation, and will continue so for the rest of this physical existence. It’s something that I struggle with on a daily basis, and something I’m not all that great at fighting.

    I appreciate that you have the backbone to kick the men of the church where it counts.

  2. Many non-church going men today want to be macho, combative, rebellious like Cain, Esau, Goliah, Nebuchadnezzar, Lucifer and their likes, instead of being humble like Moses, and Jesus. They won’t believe in Hell until they get there. Let’s just say that the Lord knows His sheep and His sheep know Him. WISE men still seek Him.

    1. True. There is a false masculinity that circulates out there that guys buy into – a masculinity of bravado and abuse. In fact, many times when I see men promoting “being a man” in the church, they aspire to this false idea. Biblical masculinity is the call to responsibility and leadership that all too often is not presented in the church, so men either wimp out or buy into the false ideas. Moses and (of course) Jesus are excellent models of true, Biblical masculinity.

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