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Dating Christian Chicks and Such…

On this fine gentleman’s website, he humbly reports:

Pure Attraction is the authority on dating and attraction for the modern Christian man.

Now, I have a lot of issues with this statement, as well as his introductory video where he informs his audience, “You won’t hear this from a pastor or a youth pastor.”

First of all, he is approaching his subject matter with an overconfidence in his understanding of a relational dynamic that I’m not sure he understands.

I don’t mean to be critical, but you should never take dating advice from anyone who has any two of the following qualities:

  1. Unmarried middle-aged men
  2. Metrosexuals who were those stupid shirts
  3. Web communication specialists
  4. Speaks with creepy pauses and awkward smiles

Since the guy in the video (he goes by Greg D.) meets all four of these criteria, you should steer clear of his advice.

If you’re interesting in how to meet a Christian women you find attractive, allow me to suggest this.

  1. Approach her but stand a respectful distance from her
  2. Meet her eyes and smile
  3. Open with this revolutionary line: “Hi. My name is ____.”

Then go from there. I’ve only been married for 11 years, so I might be a little rusty. But this is how I meet people as a pastor, and I assume it works for pretty much any situation. It is certainly a better approach than joking about a woman being in a motorcycle gang, treating her like your little sister, or acting like a stalker.

UPDATE: Since writing this post, has pulled all of their videos and their website. This is unfortunate, but in a way it is also a valuable lesson. In the information age, you can say anything you want, but be warned that people will call you on it when you do.


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