Advent 2010

Joseph pt 4

Read Genesis 42:1-11

You really should read this entire part of the narrative (Genesis 42-47). It has some tremendous stuff in it, including a fascinating passage about the consolidation of power in Egypt (ch 47).

But for now, let’s just focus on the way Joseph dealt with his brothers. This is a clear anticipation of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, who provides salvation through forgiveness. This narrative reminds us that forgiveness does not begin in Jesus’ ability to save or our need for salvation but rather in his compassion. Joseph had already forgiven his brothers before they arrived, otherwise he would not have provided for them as he did. In the same way, Jesus had already formed forgiveness for sins in his heart before he acted upon it and before you accepted it.

Jesus had no struggle of conscience about whether you should or shouldn’t be forgiven, even though none of us deserve his forgiveness.


Jesus, I am not a Joseph. I am one of his brothers who needs your forgiveness every day. I don’t deserve what you give, so help me to accept it as you give it.


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