Advent 2010

Joseph pt 2

Read Genesis 39:1-23

Joseph is just one of those guys who rises to the top. Whether it was because of the training his father gave him or just his innate abilities, he consistently becomes the top man: in Potipher’s house (vv 2-4), in prison (vv 22-23) and later over all of Egypt (41:40-41).

Sometimes we read Joseph’s story, and we think that it is some kind of promise of success to us as long as we work hard and believe in God. Not everyone can be top man. By definition, people with gifts like Joseph’s are not that common.

God was positioning Joseph to save not only Egypt but also his family and their servants. Joseph did not know that. How could he have known it? He was simply being true to who had been made. No one would have wanted his life; but soon his journey would be their salvation.


Help me be true, God, to you as my Creator. Only you know who I might touch or help in this path that is laid before me. Others sin against me, but you are at work in who you have made me. Thank you for your will that I cannot see.


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