Advent 2010

Jacob pt 2

Read Genesis 29:31-30:24

Jacob had two wives – two sisters named Leah and Rachel. In reading this passage, you cannot help but notice that while Rachel was beautiful (Gen 29:17), she was also envious and manipulative. In fact, in a later passage (Gen 31:34) she deceives her own father to advance Jacob’s agenda.

While Leah was having children, Rachel was stewing. She tried everything she could think of to have a child, but God chose not to give her one.

Then, he finally gives her a child and she names the boy Joseph and says, “May YHWH add to me another son!” (Gen 30:24) Even with the child she has waited for, Rachel wants another. She sees competition with Leah even in blessing.

She actually dies during labor with her second son, whom she names “Son of my misery.” Rachel is not exactly a model wife and mother. From what little has been preserved for us, it appears that she was discontented with pretty much everything about her life.


Father, we know that our hearts sometimes lie – that sometimes we desire things we do not need, pursue blessings that are not ours to have. Save me from envious thoughts, from a heart that wants more. Teach me contentment and joy.

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