Advent 2010

Isaac pt 2

Read Genesis 24:1-66

Even though Isaac does not put in an appearance in this narrative until three quarters of the way through, it is all about him. God prepared a wife for Isaac, but the preparation was only part of it. Abraham had to see the need for a wife from his homeland. The servant had to be willing to let Abraham’s God direct him. Rebekah had to be willing to go marry Isaac “sight unseen.” But when all of that was done and Isaac saw Rebekah, he had to recognize his wife in her.

Isaac was forty years old, so this is not a case of pubescent puppy love. She was veiled and at a distance, but when he hears what God has done to bring things to fruition, it was enough for him.

After four years of mourning for his mother, Isaac was ready to move to the next stage of his life – to set aside his role as the grieving son and become the providing husband.

It is hard to be at peace with the stages of life, but when God moves us along, we need to be make the move. It is not always easy to leave behind who you were to become who you will be.


Father, so often we pray for wisdom but we miss your call to action. Give us the boldness of faith to act – without fanfare or expectation of praise.


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