Advent 2010

Isaac pt 1

Read Genesis 21:1-7

Isaac’s name means “laughter.” It was a memorial to God’s provision to his parents – a monument of faithfulness. Every day, whenever someone called him or spoke of him, Isaac was reminded that he was a living, walking miracle – and that God performed this miracle in the face of doubt.

No one could fault Abraham’s wife Sarah for doubting that at the age of 90, she would give birth to a son and an heir, but what do you do for an encore as an adult if you are that son and heir? How do you top God providing a substitute when your father was going to sacrifice you because God commanded him?

Isaac’s entire life was improbable. What is amazing about him is not that he lived but that he lived so humbly. Read the portion of the Genesis narrative about Isaac and you see a rather un-extraordinary life. How could someone who was promised and protected by God be so run of the mill?

Could it be that God is showing us that miracles sometimes take the shape of simple men and women? That the truly supernatural is often the simple and uncomplicated? That an extraordinary life is not one that changes the world or soars to great heights, but one which is at piece with itself and moves consistently and faithfully through the world?


Forgive me for laughing, Father. Forgive me for unbelief. I am after all only human. Build living memorials in my life that remind me of the miraculous and wonderful.


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