Advent 2010

Abraham pt 4

Read Genesis 21:8-14

Sometimes the realization of hope can also bring heartbreak. It was necessary for Abraham to set Ishmael aside as his heir, but that did not make it any easier. God could have told Abraham, “Oh, its ok, just keep Ishmael here” but He didn’t. God told Abraham to send Ishmael away.

To truly hope in God is to see him do wonderful things; but it is also to have to mourn the passing of the things we have done in our own strength. It hurts, but it is true.

Thankfully, if you read the rest of the message, you will see that God provides for Ishmael and his mother. They were there because of Abraham’s failures, but God did not treat them as if they were mistakes. God did not capriciously wipe them out as Abraham’s abortive attempts at fulfilling his destiny. Instead, God cared for them and provided for them.


Knowing that these heartbreaks are necessary does not make them any less painless. Give me the strength to bear the difficulties of life – both the consequences of my own decisions and the pain caused in my life by others.


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