Advent 2010

Abraham pt 3

Read Genesis 17:1-27, Genesis 21:1-6

No doubt Abraham and Sarah truly celebrated the birth of their baby Isaac. After all, Sarah was 90 years old at the time!

The amazing thing about Isaac’s birth, however, is that all that joy and celebration, all the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham had only begun. Isaac was not the end of God’s plans. He was only the beginning.

Perhaps nothing brings more fulfillment in life than realizing that the blessings God gives us are really only part of an unending chain of His provision which stretches back to before time and will stretch out into eternity.

The greatest work you can see God doing is only the tip of the iceberg of what he can do. Giving a child to a barren woman and her centenarian husband was nothing compared to coming as a God-man to atone for the sins of the world, but Isaac’s birth foreshadowed Jesus’ birth. The fantastically supernatural blessing of the moment was only part of the truly creation-shaking miracle that was coming.

Know that God is at work and that the blessings we see in our lives are part of that chain of blessing. Know also that it ultimately will glorify Christ. I may not see the Kingdom in its entirety, but I can still know that these gifts come from the King.


Father, help me to see the miracles and blessings – both small and large – as part of something you are doing for all mankind. Help me not to become self-absorbed. Help me to see myself as the undeserving beneficiary of your grace and to extend that grace to others.


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