Advent 2010

Abraham pt 2

Read Genesis 16:1-16

When we look back at the stories, we read them as if they just happened one event after another, not realizing there are decades between chapters – decades where Abram was faithful and strong. While in Genesis 16, we see Abraham in one of a couple epic lapses of faith; don’t forget that it was preceded by sixteen years of faithfulness.

One of the major components of God’s covenant with Abram was that he would have a male heir. But after years of waiting, his aging wife Sarai convinces him to follow a common practice of the day and impregnate her servant Hagar. No sooner has Hagar conceived than Sarai has misgivings.

Abram’s failure was motivated by a misunderstanding of the hope God had given him. It is easy to judge him, but let’s not forget that what God was going to do was supernatural. By definition, it is hard to believe in the supernatural when a perfectly reasonable natural answer is right in front of you.

Be careful that you do not strike a pose of superiority when you read Abram’s story. We often fail God in much larger ways over much smaller promises.


God, help me to accept the past. Help me to know what you want for me and how you want to make it come to pass.

We all make bad decisions with good intentions. Think about one such decision for a few minutes. You cannot change what has been.


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