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Inversion Moments

Every once in awhile, as I read through Scripture and study it, something that should have been apparent to me becomes apparent. Light dawns on marblehead and I realize that the way I’ve always read a passage is upside down.

In studying for this week’s message (I’m preaching on David’s encounter with Goliath of Gath), I had one of those moments.

I call them Inversion Moments. They are the moments when you are reminded that the narrative of Scripture does not exist to show me how to live but rather to show us Christ.

I love when Jesus takes the text of Scripture – even the 3,000 year old parts – and flips me on my head so I can see just how upside down my thinking is.

God, I know that the way we see the world is upside down and that your Son Jesus came to earth, lived, died and was resurrected to show us how upside down we are. Thank you for inverting us, for letting us glimpse the way the world is supposed to be.



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