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The Unorthodox Shift

When I first started this blog, it went under another name. It was actually hosted by a different provider as well. Since I started, we’ve had over 21,000 visits. (Of course, they’ve been over 4 years, which works out to just 14 visits a day on average, but there was a long period when I didn’t write anything.)


My online journey actually began with my old AOL account, back around the year 2000. I would sit in front of my computer and type out these long devotional type entries and sign them Qoheleth – the Hebrew word meaning “preacher” that appears in the book of Ecclesiastes.

I emailed these to everyone I could think of. I can’t even imagine how many people I annoyed with these sometimes twice daily thoughts.

Along the way, I pumped out a lot of garbage and probably some good stuff. One day I will go through them but there’s hundreds of entries and I hate reading my own writing.

Remember myspace? Yeah, about that.

I had a blog on myspace that got me in a lot of trouble once upon a time (and those entries still come back to haunt me every once in awhile). There was a lot of good stuff in the blog, but there was also a lot of anger and frustration. People got a hold of some of the entries and read a lot of stuff into them.

But to be perfectly honest, there was a time when I was ready to get rid of the whole Christian thing and try something else. Let’s be honest – have you met some Christians? Judgmental, backward, ignorant, irrational – the list of descriptors could go on endlessly. And when you’re trying to live out what the Bible says and everyone else is telling you that basically you’re being liberal because you’re trying to sort out what exactly Jesus was saying – well, it gets a bit frustrating.

To be honest, I could delete it but the myspace blog reminds me that I am human – fragile and sinful, broken at the core. And it reminds me that other people, even other believers (gasp!) are also fragile and broken at the core. We all need Jesus – not just in small doses either. We need to be engaged in a tremendous, overwhelming, overpowering journey with Jesus – a journey that is rooted in his Gospel and touches our culture.

Unorthodoxy Reborn

For awhile, I self-hosted this blog as, but it never caught on, so I migrated it to WordPress and bought the domain name Over the past two years or so, I’ve created hundreds of posts and last month, I overhauled the look and branding of the site.

While 21,000 hits is nothing to sneeze at, I’ve noted from time to time, that the blogging thing sometimes just gets so unfocused. So, I’ve been rethinking the whole idea again. It seems like my blogging has shifted away from Scripture and theology and very much into history. That’s not to say that history isn’t important, because it is. But I am thinking that it might be time to take a break for a couple of weeks and get refocused.

I’ll give you (both of you) fair warning, but I expect that sometime next week I’ll announce a break from blogging.


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