People You've Never Heard Of

Chandragupta II

Welcome back to the series – People You’ve Never Heard of Who Changed the World.

Who has ever heard of Chandragupta? The Guptas ruled over what is known as the Golden Age of India and Chandragupta II was one of the most important rulers of the Gupta empire. He ruled India for 38 years (375-413 CE) at a time when the Roman Empire, Persian Empire and even Jin Empire were waning.

Chandragupta’s rule was so well-known that Chinese monks traveled to India to see his greatness – stories reflective of the Biblical narrative of the Queen of Sheba journeying to see Solomon.

He campaigned against Persia and a group the chroniclers called the Hunas. This might not seem significant except that the Huna were known as simple “Huns” in Europe. Chandragupta’s campaigns may have been what drove the Huns into Europe, displacing Gothic tribes and then eventually assaulting Rome and Constantinople.

The pressure of the Goths and the Huns were two of the deciding factors in the fall of the western Roman Empire. Indirectly, Chandragupta may have actually brought about the sack of Rome.

How is that for a Person You’ve Never Heard of Who Changed the World?

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