Church, Creed, Ten Commandments for Church Failure

Creed pt 8 – Ten Commandments for Church Failure

You can check out all the messages from the series Creed here.

We apologize for the fuzziness in some of the audio. There’s an issue in our lines that we’re having trouble isolating.

This is a list of sure fire ways to make a church fail. I originally wrote it in September 2009. They are adapted from Donald Keough’s book The Ten Commandments of Business Failure.

#1 – Quit Taking Risks

#2 – Be Inflexible

#3 – Isolate Yourself

#4 – Assume Infallibility

#5 – Do whatever it takes, no matter how ethical

#6 – Don’t Take Time to Think

#7 – Put all your faith in experts

#8 – Love Your Bureaucracy

#9 – Send Mixed Messages

#10 – Be Afraid of the Future

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