My Frustration with Logos 4 Mac

It isn’t often that I complain. Ok, maybe I complain a lot – but if I do, it is because things that should work simply don’t and there is no excuse for it.

In November of last year, I paid $100 to upgrade my Logos 1.2 for Mac and 3.0 for PC to the much-hyped Logos 4. The hype was that for the first time, we would have a universal system that maintained information and resources across all platforms. It even had a mobile version of iPhone which I thought was pretty cool.

After I laid down the cash and started my downloads, I discovered something Logos had forgotten to tell us. (Well, technically it was on the webpage but not in the most obvious place at the time – an error they have since corrected to their credit.) The little bit of information? Logos 4 Mac was nowhere near complete. In fact, it was not even close to done – as in Alpha 2! They’d only just begun working on it.

When I asked someone at Logos about it, they explained that they had decided to release both versions when the PC version was ready knowing that the Mac version was barely operational. And I mean barely operational – not even the settings page is available. It was not even at a level where you would let other developers see it.

Every couple of weeks, they would have an update which took all night to re-index. It was a nightmare – sucking resources and dragging me through the cybermuck. And then it would start up and be buggy with missing features and unreliable interface. Worst of all, there is no note feature! What is the use of a Bible software that does not allow you to make notes on the text?

Ok, so I uninstalled the worthless piece of junk and figured they would take care of things.

Here we are in May, seven months since their initial ‘rollout’ and they’re on Alpha 19! Logos continues to hype their product; continues to tell users to download it. I’m downloading it once more, watching my computer do the binary equivalent of cursing the software manufacturer; and I’m still not happy.

I have the PC version on a virtual machine on my Mac. It is actually pretty sweet. I have the iPhone version on my iPod and with the exception of its almost complete reliance on the internet (fixed in version 1.2.2), it’s not bad for quick research although it also has no note feature (are they note-aphobic?).

Normally, I would not warn people about the behavior of software companies. After all, let’s face it – they all charge exorbitant amounts of money for things – but this really gets my goat. Someone somewhere in Logos make the stupid move to release an Alpha for general consumption which probably SLOWED progress on the program rather than accelerate it.

So, if you use a Mac – don’t waste your money. Logos has doubled their Mac development team because of the multitude of upset consumers waiting for a product that Logos said existed and doesn’t.

I will say that because the interface is completely different, you are able to run Logos for Mac 1.2 even if you have Logos 4 Mac installed. That is nice, although 1.2 never did have all the features of Logos 3.0 for PC.

And yes, the numbering system is very confusing:

  • Logos Bible Software was the original 16-bit program
  • Logos 2.0 was the second iteration, a powerful 32-bit expandable system
  • Libronix Digital Library System was Logos 3.0
  • Libronix Digital Library System for Mac is Logos for Mac 1.0-1.2
  • Logos 4 is version 4.0-4.0d for PC
  • Logos 4 Mac is technically version 2.0 for the Mac but they have renumerated it as version 4.0 (well, they will)

4 thoughts on “My Frustration with Logos 4 Mac”

  1. Hi, since you did not link to anything in your post, I thought I would provide some context for your opinion.

    If anyone wants to read the official Logos statement from the President on the Mac development which was referenced in the post, you can read it here

    If anyone wants the opinion of other L4mac users, you can read current opinions here


    1. Thanks, Joe. You’ve done your part to support the work of the Logos team. I’ve been a faithful user of Logos 3 and Libronix DLS for Mac, and up to this point, the company has always done right by the user. I just wish they had not rushed this version into production. I have no doubt that it will be a fantastic product when it is done in about a year.

      1. Personally. I am very thankful that Logos has allowed users to test the Alpha version. I like using it and like giving feedback that ensures both the progress of the development and the design of the software.

        I am not sure what special insight you have in saying the program will not be “done” for a year, but I suspect it will be much sooner than that. Especially if more people use it and give bug reports. The more users reporting the faster it will get developed.

        Blessings as you use the Windows version in Parallels.

      2. I personally think there’s a reason Alpha’s are not made available to the public. But whatever works for you.

        Based on previous experience (and I’ve used Logos since version 1), it will take at least a year for Logos to get the Logos 4 Mac to production readiness. There might be a beta and possibly even a ‘final’ version released before then; but I am prepared to wait until next spring before I see a fully functional product. And that will be a step forward since Logos DLS for Mac still doesn’t have all the features of the PC version.

        Make no mistake. When 4 Mac is finished, I’ll use it. And I’ll probably love it. I would have rathered that it had been kept behind the veil during development, that’s all.

        By the way, I’ve deleted Alpha 19 as well. There’s nothing significant enough to justify letting it continue to horde resources.

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