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Book Review – Stuff Christians Like

Jonathan Acuff and I have a lot in common. We’re both preacher’s kids. We both have a satirical bend when it comes to commenting on Christians. We’re both on Twitter and Facebook. We both blog.

Of course, there’s one huge difference. Jonathan Acuff has a published book. I can’t even focus on actually writing my book.

To be perfectly honest, I only listened to the audio edition of this book because it was a freebie on, and I needed something to keep my mind occupied on a drive.

Because I have a lot in common with the author, I found myself laughing perhaps even more than the average Christian would. It might also have to do with the fact that my friend Joel has pretty much the same sarcastic way of looking at things.

Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It made me laugh out loud, which was quite frustrating to my wife since I was listening to it on my iPod while we drove to Pennsylvania on the interstate.

If you find Christians to be a little bizarre and you wish someone would say, “Hey, you guys sure behave strangely sometimes” then this book is worth a look. Besides, if you click the link on this post and go over to Jonathan’s blog and then buy his book, maybe he’ll notice the traffic is coming from my site and he’ll hook me up with his literary agent. Ok, not really – but that would make an interesting dynamic, wouldn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Book Review – Stuff Christians Like”

  1. Was it or The latter tends to give out a free audiobook every month.

    Have you read _Churched_, by Matthew Paul Turner? I would guess it’s along the same vein. Delightful book, which entertains, without becoming bitter.

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