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The iPod Touch Invades

Right now, I am sitting in my recliner in a dark room. I may have discovered a mobile device that does what I have always wanted a mobile device to do – just work.

The device? An Apple iPod Touch. Like everything Apple does, it just works. Operation is smooth; interface is intuitive; and the user is left in awe.

I didn’t need an iPhone. I didn’t need a laptop replacement. I needed a PDA and that is what a Touch is. it is everything the PDA wanted to be everything it knew it could never be. I don’t know if that is what Apple intended it to be, but it is a PDA nonetheless.

Over the course of two hours with the iPod Touch, I downloaded apps that allow me to sync all my calendars (I have six), setup IMAP email so I don’t lose messages, do my Bible research for messages, listen to Pandora, and shoot virtual squirrels (my favorite one, I think).

Since we stayed out of the iRevolution for most of its run, we were completely unaware of the advantages of the iPod. Having had one for all of one day, I am more impressed than I was by any Palm, LG, or Blackberry products I have played with.

And best of all? It’s not a phone. Call me weird, but I want my phone to be my phone and my PDA to be my PDA. I know that sounds backward and strange but I enjoy having them discrete…at least for now.


2 thoughts on “The iPod Touch Invades”

  1. “Like everything Apple does, it just works.” That’s interesting, considering that my first ipod stopped working after only one year, and I took immaculate care of it. Last I checked, that was something Apple did. Non-flash hard drives with small delicate moving parts inside were not meant to be turned into a walkman. (disclaimer: my second Ipod is still working after a few years, and is one of the most important things to me that I own, but that’s because it puts my entire music collection at my fingertips, and apple is not the only company that makes such devices – they’re just the only company with “proprietary” as their middle name)

  2. A mechanical failure happens in any product line – defects can be minimized but never eliminated. I was referring more to the OS, apps and interface than to the mechanical stuff.

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