Church, Heritage & Grace Merger

Growth Barriers Coming, post 1

This Sunday, over 100 people worshiped with us at Grace! (101 to be exact.) It is the second time our congregation has tipped the triple digits in the last few months, and we have danced around 90 or so for the entire time as well. In theory if everyone who calls Grace their church were to show up, we’d have about 120 people but that rarely happens.

The interesting challenge of our congregation hitting 100 is that it is actually two growth barriers for us. Because we are a merged church, we have two groups that are integrating with one another. These two groups were different sizes when they came together, so they are facing the challenges of being a bigger group to start with but also that this bigger group is starting to attract people.

I’m going to start a series of posts talking about the challenges of growing through the 100-150 barriers and still maintaining a healthy level of relationship and fellowship because the biggest issue people have with growth is that the Sunday morning attendance outgrows what they consider a comfortable size. Relationships get stretched, and people get stressed.

Stick with me on this one!


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