Marriage and Family, Personal

A Good Woman Is…

…Not afraid to look a little nervous

…or serious

…or a little crazy.

…a friend to all

…regardless of age

…or skin tone

…or nation of origin

…or language (Bob and Paul are deaf)

…or questionable level of sanity.

Yeah, my wife Nichole is a good woman. She isn’t a ‘home maker’ and she’ll never be (and does not want to be) a master theologian. She is, however, awesome; and I know I’m not the only person who loves her for being just who she is.

God, thank you so much for my wife.
Thank you for the gift of love that brings us together
Thank you for the gifts you give to others through her.

Make her strong when she needs to be strong
And soft when she needs to be soft.
And always guide her in your wisdom.


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