The Effects of the Wind Storm in NH

Thus far, our house has been without power for two and a half days. At the height of outages, PSNH was reporting 265,000 people without power. This has since been reduced to about 114,000 thanks to the work of the PSNH linemen (including Grace’s own unsung hero Peter Lindsay) and a ton of crews who came up from all over the Northeast. There are over 600 crews on the ground, working day and night.


We have had the opportunity to stay in a hotel for the last couple of nights, and we are praying that power will be back for tonight otherwise we start couch surfing around friends’ homes. It has been interesting since neither Nichole nor I enjoy hotel rooms. Ariel is being a good girl but is frustrated by not being able to be at home with all of her toys.

Last night, one of our elders organized a quick meal for the ‘powerless’ among us and about twenty of us gathered for some lasagna and salad. I made a quick sauce and planned to make some pasta, but fell asleep on one of the amazingly comfortable couches in our youth room and awoke to voices. On the plus side, I fell asleep to the audio of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy so in my half-dreaming state, the voices belonged to Trillian and Zaphod Beeblebrock!

The adventures continued when we got to our hotel room and the toilet would not flush. It got even better when the faucet in the sink refused to shut off, and I got the privilege to spend twenty minutes using the ice bucket to transport water to the bath tub. The maintenance guy came and fixed it, and we all sort of collapsed in heaps on our beds (double beds, by the way).

Our church at large has also been having a grand time. Beside the wind storm, we’ve had people go into the hospital, become bed-ridden and just thoroughly get blasted by the Evil One.

I say all of this to remind everyone that really, there should be no reason for any of us to be excited about being a part of worship this morning.

But I AM excited – and not that fake excited some pastors plaster all over the place to hype up their churches either.

I cannot shake this undeniable impression that God is doing something incredible at Grace, and I look forward to every Sunday, even today!


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