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Help Larry and Liz Bring Their Son Home!

PLEASE HELP! Larry and Liz Warren are very close friends of mine who have been working on adopting a little boy in Haiti named Sterly. When the earthquakes hit, Larry and Liz received clearance to GO to Haiti to check on Sterly. Now, they are encountering difficulties in bringing him home.

You can help Larry, Liz and Sterly by copying the following text into an email to their Congressman’s Chief-of-Staff:

Dear Mr. Scandling:

I am writing to express my concern for Congressman Wolf’s constituents, Elizabeth and Lawrence Warren II, and their one year old adopted son Sterly St. Croix, a Haitian national.

The Warren’s I171-H case number is PTP2009824016.

I have heard that many adoptions that were not as far along as the Warren’s are being pushed through in light of the instability in the region caused by the recent earthquakes. The Warrens are actually at the Hotel Mont Joli in Cap Haitien, Haiti right now on a mission trip, but cannot get clearance to bring their son home.

Sir, please let me know what Congressman Wolf is doing to allow these young parents to bring their son home in all haste.

(email to, cc:

Thank you so much for your assistance and prayers.


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