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Home Plate or Home Base?

You have to ask yourself – what happens in people’s minds that closes their thinking to outreach? How do churches become introverted and self-focused?

I don’t have the answer, but I do want to offer a thought on the subject. Perhaps it is because people view their church building as a home plate instead of a home base.

A home plate is where you are headed. From the moment a hitter takes off after he hits, he is headed BACK to home plate. The objective of the game is to get back to home.

By contrast, a home base is where you go from to do something. You only return to home base so you can get fueled up and head back out.

When we think of church as HOME PLATE, we might venture out into the world occasionally, but we consider it hostile and only venture out so we can get back to HOME PLATE.

In contrast, when we view church as a HOME BASE, we spend most of our time out in the world on a mission and we only return to HOME BASE so we can get ready to go out.


2 thoughts on “Home Plate or Home Base?”

  1. It took a while to respond, I’ve been dealing with issues with my 8-track player… besides the command found in Matt 28:18-20 to reach the world as the body of Christ (What a priviledge and responsibility!), an outward focus means we are less likely to be dwelling on our own needs and issues, some that seem at times pretty small. I know I need my brotherw and sisters help and encouragement.

  2. 8-track player?!? RIGHTEOUS! I haven’t seen one of those in decades.

    I agree absolutely, Ray. When we are focused externally, we will see that the things that LOOK so big internally are often small in comparison to the great responsibility and joy of reaching people with the Gospel.

    And we definitely need our brothers and sisters as helpers and encouragers. When we lose external focus, we also lose the encouragement edge.

    Didn’t know you were reading my blog! welcome!

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