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Growing Together, post 12

Yesterday, the congregations of Grace Baptist Church and Heritage Baptist Church worshipped together in a formal worship gathering for the first time. It was a full house, despite several families who were out because of work or illness.

The building was full of excitement – a confirmation of what the leaders believe is a clear direction from the Lord.

It was also full of people. We had 85 in the worship gathering, and if those absent had been with us we would have easily broken 100.

The combined worship band really came together to make the music something special; and I hear the sermon wasn’t too shabby.

Afterward, we had a shared lunch and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Then the kids headed outside (both those who are actually kids and many of the guys who are really just big kids) and made extensive use of the playground and the fields.

There were nothing but positive thoughts from folks as things wound down and people headed out.

All in all, I don’t think it could have gone much better; and all the credit goes to our Lord Jesus!

Looking forward to our discussions on Thursday, December 3, at 7:00pm, and our Christmas party this Saturday, December 5, also at 7:00pm!

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