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Growing Together, post 8

auditorium4Chairs in the church are wonderful things. They give us a place to set our backsides, since standing up for hours on end gets tiring.

When the chairs are all facing one direction, they force us to also face the same direction. This is good because it is easy to get distracted.

But chairs have some downsides as well. Sitting is a restful position; and sometimes it is hard to get out of sitting and go back to working.

Because we face one direction, sometimes we miss important things that happen behind or around us. Worst of all, when the chairs are turned away from the door, we do not who is coming in or not coming in. All we see is what happens in front of us.

For a church to grow together, they have to strike the balance between sitting together and working together. There are times for all of us to sit and learn, and other times when the seats should be emptied. There are times when we have to give our chairs to someone else; and other times when we need to take up a couple of chairs to rest.

How else could we use the chair as a metaphor for growing together as a body?

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