Church, Ten Commandments for Church Failure

Ten Commandments for Church Failure #7 – Put all your faith in experts

These posts are adapted from Donald Keough’s excellent book The Ten commandments for Business Failure. This book was such an excellent source of common sense and probable one of the best books I’ve read in some time.

If you want to be an absolutely mediocre failure, then make sure you acquire as much external advice as you can. Attend every conference you can. Hire every consultant you see advertised in your leadership magazines. Read every trendy book that is published. Make sure you do everything they say.

In fact, don’t waste any time considering or praying about what it is God wants you to do. Just do what the experts tell you.

Yeah, Jesus rejected the opinions of all the experts. Sure Paul had the balls to oppose Simon Peter when he knew Peter was wrong, even though Peter was the ‘senior’ apostle in the church at the time [Galatians 2:11]. Ok, so John received his vision of the Book of the Revelation when he was ‘in the Spirit on the Lord’s day’ – a clear statement of quiet meditation.

But you don’t need that. You just go ahead and listen to those experts. It’s not like the Holy Spirit speaks to us anymore anyway.

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