Church, Ten Commandments for Church Failure

Ten Commandments for Church Failure #6 – Don’t Take Time to Think

These posts are adapted from Donald Keough’s excellent book The Ten commandments for Business Failure. This book was such an excellent source of common sense and probable one of the best books I’ve read in some time.

To fail, you really need to make sure you are always rushing from activity to activity. Do not spend a significant amount of time thinking about where you are going or why, and certainly do not evaluate the effectiveness of your time usage. Just do stuff, whatever that stuff is. Don’t take retreats or have times when you do nothing but think about things.

Whenever something new comes down the line, don’t think about it. Just do it. If you see something you don’t like, just rush over and fix it. Don’t think about it. Everything that comes flying at you, just absorb it. Don’t process. Don’t breathe. Just do.

Ignore that Jesus spent so much time alone [Mark 1:35, Mark 6:47, Luke 9:18]. He wasn’t thinking about what he was doing. He certainly wasn’t praying about what step to take next. Don’t worry about God speaking when you wait in silence [Psalm 63]. Just rush in and DO.

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