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Mac OSX and RAM


After an ordeal of configuring and reconfiguring, I finally found out that my MAC does not accept PC133 RAM and when you change the RAM configuration, you have to push a little reset button on the mother board. Despite the testimony of every RAM manufacturer in the world, you must obey Apple when it comes to configuration. Customization is kept to the absolute minimum.

Thus, I am now running on 896MB of RAM – the most random thing I’ve ever seen.


2 thoughts on “Mac OSX and RAM”

  1. Erik,
    Do you know anything about how much disk space the OS uses?
    I’m wondering if I get one with a 60G drive if I’ll have to upgrade the drive to put my docs and Logos on it.

  2. I have since upgraded to a full Gig of RAM (this post was written last week) and a 100GB Hard Drive.

    I have about 4GB of Logos resources. I think OS X 10.4 uses about 3GB. 60GB should be more than enough.

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