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Book Review – Fearless by Max Lucado

Max Lucado is one of those writers who is virtually untouchable. It does not matter whether he writes the greatest book in the history of the world or the worst, people will buy his books in the hundreds of thousands. He has become an institution of contemporary Christianity. After all, he has sold more than 28 million books!

I have often told people that if you’ve read any two Lucado books, you have read 90% of every other Lucado book. There are certain motifs he visits in every book he writes, and his meter is virtually interchangeable across the spectrum. The focus of the content changes from book to book, but the rhythm and structure remains the same. While everything he writes is true and powerful, it is presented in a rather vanilla, life-as-usual style that is all too predictable. This can be a pro and con, but I will say that if there is one thing about Lucado to be admired, it is his consistency.

Lucado’s latest, Fearless, is a challenge to not live in fear. It is a great premise and a wonderful thought that gets recast and retold in every chapter of the book. If you need constant, daily encouragement in the area of fear, then this book will definitely hit the mark. If you are reading for spiritual insight or deep thinking, I would look elsewhere.


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