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Logos for Mac

Recently, I bought an old Mac G4 off ebay. I have always wanted a Mac to play with, and the price was just too good to be missed.

For the past week or so, I have been playing around with it and trying to acclimate to the Mac interface. Thus far, I love what I see. There are certain strengths to Windows XP that the mac OS X designers do not think they should incorporate, and I miss those things (chief among them KEYSTROKE COMMANDS!).

Recently, I downloaded the Mac engine for my Bible software – Logos Bible System’s Libronix Digital Library System. I’ve used Logos since version 1, and after playing around with the demos of the software available for Mac, I concluded that Logos was still my best bet.

Below is a picture of what my desktop looks like at 1680 X 1050.

logos capture

I have a couple of issues with Logos for Mac. For one thing, it is missing the notes function which any Bible software should have. I know that in Mac, you should keep your notes on the native Wordedit or some other word processor-esque program, but I miss being able to jot notes down and have them highlighted in the text.

The other thing I miss is the tray icon that ran a script to copy text. In Windows, you can copy sections of a text with whatever formatting you want. In Mac, you’re pretty much stuck with what is on the screen.

All in all though, it has the same operation as Logos for Windows. It will do for now, but I am waiting to see version 1.3 and hoping that it will include some features I enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Logos for Mac”

  1. I’m running OS X 10.4.11

    10.4 was the last edition with any real support for the Power PC processors. Technically, Logos is not supposed to be run on anything under 800MHz, but it runs fine.

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