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Book Review – What’s He Really Thinking?

To Paula Rinehart, the relationship between the genders is a long-term, hard fought partnership. It requires the best of both male and female but must endure the worst of both as well.

9780849918803In her book What’s He Really Thinking?, Rinehart brings together thirty years of marriage as well as decades of counseling experience in a concise, direct counter punch to the anti-male feminism that pervades our culture. Rather than demanding that men be more like women or women’s ideals, she dives into the heart of man and explains it in terms a woman can comprehend, if not understand.

Rather than wasting time on flowery speeches or technical jargon, this book is a straightforward presentation of both the differences between men and women and some practical steps women can take to better deal with the differences. As a man, I approached this book with a certain amount of skepticism, but Rinehard won me over. Time after time, I found myself nodding in agreement with her assessments because she did not try to judge male thinking in terms of female thinking. She presented it as it was presented to her by countless men, and then she took the time to explain how a woman might think about the same things. The comparison is useful for people of both genders.

If you are a woman struggling to understand the men and boys in your life, this book will illuminate the unspoken challenges. If you are a guy who is frustrated with the women in your life misunderstanding and misinterpreting you, there is some tremendous insight for you as well. But be warned. It will not fix things. All Rinehart does is present the problem and some potential paths to solutions. The work of building these relationships still lies with you and the men in your life. She is plain about this. Only the people involved in a relationship can heal it and open it up for further growth.

2 thoughts on “Book Review – What’s He Really Thinking?”

  1. humm interesting.. I would like to read this book.. it is obvoious that GOD in his infinite wisdom did make two different thought think one way. women another.. women love to draw out the story with all details.. men go distant five minutes after the story has started.. i am sure her evaluations are very accurate.. it doesnt take a book to know men and women have two different indentites .. it would be boring if they were the same

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