Meditation Guides, Seven Deadly Thoughts

Pride pt 5


PRIDE – placing yourself above all others.

Read Romans 15:13-21

There is a good and righteous pride. It stands in contrast to deadly pride because it is not about me but about others. In this passage, Paul is proud of Christ’s work. He looks on his own labors and sees Jesus being glorified and the Word of God being preached.

There are many ways to be prideful of our own accomplishments; and all of them are evil. But there are also things that Jesus does that we can look on and boast about because we are boasting about Jesus. This is not a license to throw a veneer of ‘Jesus’ on our own accomplishments. It is, however, a call to get close to Jesus and feel his heart and passion. Then, when his work is done, we will direct all the glory to him. This is good boasting.

All the glory is yours, Jesus. May my works be diminished; and your works exalted. May I see your work being done, and revel and dance in your praise. Give me a refined heart that sees what is YOURS and what is nothing.


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