Meditation Guides, Seven Deadly Thoughts

Pride pt 3


PRIDE – placing yourself above all others.

Read Ezekiel 28:1-19

This unique prophecy is a lament over the fall of the ancient city of Tyre. The city was a major player in the politics of the day because of its tremendous merchant fleet and a monopoly on a special purple dye.

Pride will creep in when we have our focus on the results (in Tyre’s case, wealth) rather than on the source (God or self). We say, “I am wealthy” or “I am better than ____” without a consideration of the reason why this has happened. God blesses us with riches to provide for others; he benefits us with spiritual gifts and talents to lead others into relationship with him. Once again, we are robbing God of what he has determined for us.

God, replace my pride of my accomplishments with a longing and desire to use my blessings to be your blessing on others. Illuminate the things in my life that I have been given to give and clear the path for me to act.

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