Meditation Guides, Seven Deadly Thoughts

Envy pt 4


ENVY – a dissatisfaction with what God has given to you; a hatred of the “hand you’ve been dealt.”

Note: Envy and Pride (the next sin) are very closely related. There is a great deal of overlap in the next two weeks’ meditations.

Read Proverbs 24:1-22

When we look around and see who it is that we envy, isn’t it always those who seem to be blessed out of proportion to their work or their abilities? We see people making millions as musicians and actors and we wonder why they succeed but we do not.

In this passage, Solomon advises us to remember that even when things don’t go our way, it does not mean God is not blessing. And when others stumble, we should not rejoice, because we will probably stumble more often (even if less publicly).

God, you are SO good! Thank you for making me who I am and giving me what you have given to me. I will be content with what you have blessed me with and pursue wisdom with what I have rather than falling into envy and foolishness over what I do not.


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