Meditation Guides

Rage pt 1


RAGE – the uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger that move us to act against others.

Read Matthew 5:21-26

In this portion of Scripture, Jesus is speaking in hyperbole; but he is making the point that murder comes from something deeper. Anger is the disease that destroys relationships and leads us down to dark places.

We often think of anger as the visible signs, but anger lurks in many hidden places. It resides in the veiled mockeries of our minds, the biting remarks we keep for ourselves. To defeat anger is not simply to stop the actions of anger but to cleanse our minds of these attitudes toward others.

Jesus, you have placed me on a journey to cleanse anger from my thinking. Right now, you are bringing to my mind situations that are motivated by anger. Give me a heart of repentance toward those with whom I have hidden anger issues.


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