Meditation Guides

Sloth pt 5


SLOTH – a failure to fulfill your place, to maximize what God has given you.

Read Luke 15:11-32

This is the parable known as “The Prodigal Son.” Focus on the other brother in vv 25-32. Do you notice how intensely he was working? How focused he was on the wrong tasks? The things he thought would gain favor instead of being focused on his father’s desires? What did that produce within him? Bitterness? Anger?

Be intense in the labors God gives you. Listen to his heart and then dive in. Don’t dive in and hope you’ll find God’s will somewhere in there. You may not know the specifics, but the general ideas of what he wants to do are usually pretty obvious. It is only once we have the blueprints and start building that we can know the details.

Father, I want to be about the business of your heart and not simply do things for the sake of routine or tradition. When I heard your call, help me to act and believe in your new life!


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