Meditation Guides, Seven Deadly Thoughts

Greed pt 2


GREED – The love of personal gain which results in violence, deceitfulness, manipulation and other sin toward others

Read Acts 2:42-47

In selling all they had, the early church “received their food with glad and generous hearts.” Do you think that sometimes we are weighed down by the extras we believe we must have? Are we truly any happier once we acquire the bigger and the better?

The greatest possession we can have is nothing because we have to fill that space in our being with true substance. This sounds paradoxical, but it is true. When we have nothing ‘material’, we can focus on the ‘immaterial.’

Jesus, you came to earth as an itinerant Galilean. You had no home; you had little in the way of possessions. The only thing you ever called your own was your friends. Help me to know that joy in my life.


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