Meditation Guides, Seven Deadly Thoughts

Gluttony pt 2


GLUTTONY – literally “to gulp down” or “to swallow.” To withhold from others in need so you may be over filled.

Read Philippians 3:17-21

Can you imagine calling yourself God’s enemy? Most of us would never say such a thing and yet the Apostle Paul seems to think that worshiping your appetites is on par with making such a statement.

What is a god? It is something you worship, something you give your best to. Does your belly get the best while God’s lost sheep get the dregs? For Jesus’ thoughts on this, read Luke 16:19-31.

God, more often than not, I reserve the best for myself. I don’t know if I think I deserve it or I just don’t think about it. Anything I have comes from you, so help me to be wise in stewarding it.


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