Own Your Impact!

There is a very common misconception in small churches that the few can handle the work required to sustain the church’s ministry. We select a pastor; we endow some volunteers with certain leadership roles; and the rest of us can more or less coast along and be served.

One of my deacons wrote in an email to me: “We’re too small for everyone not to know the impact their giving has.” He was speaking about financially, but this applies to all areas of our ministry as a small church. We’re too small for everyone not to know what kind of impact they can make.

I want to issue a challenge to the people of Heritage Baptist Church. My challenge is this – OWN YOUR IMPACT. impact Don’t be content to sit on the sidelines and BE SERVED. Let’s become the core of something greater! Nothing is going to happen unless we resolve to be inline with God’s vision for us – both mentally and resourcefully.

  • Set aside a significant portion of time in your day to pray specifically for God’s Holy Spirit to open doors for everyone in our church to share their faith.
  • Listen to what God is trying to say to you about ministry OUTSIDE of Sunday morning. What ministry does he have for YOU to do and invite others into.
  • Reallocate your resources around God’s vision.
  • Stop doing the minimum and figure out how to own what God has for you.

3 thoughts on “Own Your Impact!”

  1. Hey Erik,
    I like your thoughts man. God is at work in those words. I believe Jesus is honored when we actually take His Bride as seriously as He does. Jesus shed his blood for the church, so should we! Right on Pastor Erik, and I am tempted to use word from the 70’s – RIGHTEOUS!

  2. Hey, if it is God’s will for the church – then it is God’s will for the church, not just the leadership.

    Let’s rock this city!

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