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George Tiller Murdered in Church

You can read the original story here –,2933,523581,00.html

I am not going to pretend to agree with Dr. Tiller’s ethics, but this is an egregious act. Can you imagine having the audacity to enter a church and kill a man, no matter how despicable his worldview might be?

I’m appalled; and even worse, I have no doubt that the murderer was convinced he was doing God’s work. How dishonorable.


13 thoughts on “George Tiller Murdered in Church”

  1. No matter how dispicable his worldview might be!???Are you kidding me? he wasnt killed for his worldview, he was killed for Killing Innocant Babies! why is it that people are outraged by his killing, but couldnt give a damn about the innocent babies he killed probably dailey?! answer me that!

  2. Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends.

    I am not saying he does not deserve justice. I believe what he did is morally and ethically wrong. But that does not change the fact that it is not our right to take the law into our own hands.

  3. Erik, sometimes, someone has to take a stand for the innocent. someone has to sacrifice themselves for the innocent.Do you really know what this guy was doing??? Late term abortions! Its Murder. Murder of the innocent. Tiller was not an innocent man. these babies are innocent. someone has to defend the innocent. Tiller got what he deserved! period. Only should have happened sooner. It kills me that everyone is mourning his death, but no one mourns the deaths of the babies he killed probably dailey! I have no sorrow for Tiller, or his family! everything his family has is from the deaths of onnocent babies!

    1. UMmm I have to take a interesting stand here..Maybe…It is not for man to judge the actions of another man. That task alone is God’s. Vengence is mine thus saieth the Lord. The Man who took the life of another is guilty of murder. He took judgment into his own hands and became judge jury and excucioner. This violates all the laws of God. So while I abhor the act of abortion I also hate the act of murder.Are we so sure that God had no Plan of salvation for this doctor? Are we so sure God could not save this man from his sins? My what an judging attitude we have, in God’s eyes this act was no different than the sin of speeding (not obeying those who have authority over you). With that being said protection of one person from the use of immanent bodily injury or death is justified.There my two cents is registered….Bruce

  4. I am fully aware of Dr. Tiller’s activities, and I certainly believe he was a murderer of the unborn. But I do not, cannot, advocate vigilante justice.

    This person who murdered him has violated God’s Law as much as Tiller has. He took justice into his own hands, acted outside of the appointed human authorities.

    I find Dr. Tiller distasteful, and if I served on a jury of his peers, I would rigorously advocate the death penalty for his acts. But I would not do it out of anger toward him. I would do it because that is what God demands the appointed authorities to do to murderers.

    We are called to honor the authority of those in government over us. It is their place to execute justice, not mine. Our place is to love even most wicked of enemies.

    In Matthew 5, Jesus is quite plain.
    “Everyone who is angry will be liable to judgment.” [v 22]
    “Do not resist the one who is evil.” [v 39]
    “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust.” [v 45]

    Dr. Tiller revolts every fabric of my being as a just and moral man; but standing before him, I hope and pray that I would remain true to Christ’s Way over any human desire for revenge.

  5. I respect your opinion. I agree with you. I am just a bit more radical I guess…I agree the man who killed him is a murderer as well.However, these baby killers are the scum of the earth! being rewarded financially for killing an unborn child. It sickens me the people that will come out and defend this man,not a matter of political affiliation. I would not honor the authority of those who govern over us when the law theygovern us with is contradictory to Gods law..thats just my opinion, and we all have the right to our opinion. Take care.

  6. You each have a point ERic is right about no matter what someone does no one has a right to take the law into their own hands, however Ron also has a point regarding the fact of how many have died at the hands of this murderer, and he is a murderer under the misguided assumption that he was acting on the behalf of right to choose. These people want the priviledge of doing whatever they want but don’t want to suffer the consequences that their decision brings. Dr. Tiller did not consider what consequences his actions would bring. Killing him in his church was the wrong way to handle this situation. A highly publicised and orderly debate would have been a great way to present arguments and undisputable scientific facts that would show him for the murderer that he was.

  7. thanks for your comment Cory.Eric does make good points.If im not mistaken,Tiller was aquitted under the laws of this land, and those laws are in direct contradiction to the Commandments. I know to murder is wrong. However, I cant help feel that one man killed one to save many. and to me, that is the lesser of 2 evils. I guess Im Biased because I had a little girl at 24 weeks gestation. I know he was killing babies well after that. Those babies felt everything that he did to them.

  8. As I read this.. I have to say something.. YES, this so called Dr. did murder innocent children, the father’s and mother’s of those children are just as guilty.. they made a choice. The choice was to dispose of them. So typical and selfish. It all comes down to SIN.. One thing the LORD hates is SIN.. the doctor made a choice to kill innocent children, the parents of the children chose not to have them, the Man who shot the Doctor made a choice to Kill him. All of these people made horrible, ungodly choices!! Not one is better than the other.. GOD is our judge. I believe there is a verse in the Bible that talks about being judged by how we judge others.. There is NO excuse to take a life.. whether it is an unborn child, or an ungodly doctor, or even the Jews who cried out to “crucify HIM”. Let GOD be true.. Each person is accountable for their choices.. it is unfortunate that now a jury will have to choice life or death for this man who murdered the doctor.. It is a sinful world. Also,, these children .. who the doctor had their lives terminated.. he did that with the permission of the “parent’s” of the unborn..God will hold all of them accountable.. the man who killed the doctor.. was he justified what he did.. NO! If we allow people who feel they have the right to kill someone because we do not agree .. then we are opening pandora’s box.. Remember .. Hitler Killed the jews.. and a few quite a few others because he felt justified.. IT is WRONG no matter how you look at it.. the dr. was wrong.. the “so called Parent’s of the children” are wrong.. and the man who felt it was HIs Duty to shoot the doc was wrong… GOD will judge each one.. HEAVEN help them!

  9. “It becomes all the true and chosen children of God, however severely they may be dealt with, and belied by these people, not to be angry with them, but sincerely to pity them, and sigh sorely over their poor souls, with all meekness and ardency, after the example of Christ and Stephen, to pray for their raging, cursed folly and blindness, for they know not what they do. Who knows but God may give them eyes and hearts, that they may see and know their blindness and unbelief; see what an impure life they lead, what kind of people they persecute, and whom they have pierced.” – Menno Simmons

  10. Well isn’t this an interesting discussion. No matter how much I abhor the person who commits abortion, the finality of their life is in God’s hands. The Bible clearly states that to murder another is wrong. Vengence is mine thus saith the Lord. For this man to take matters into his own hands is wrong, he became judge jury and executioner. Are we so sure God did not want to save this man? was his sin so bad that God could not save his soul? we seem to break down sins by our justification, remember to God sin is sin and this man’s act of abortion is no different than a liar, or someone who does not obey those who have authority over them (speeders maybe?) in Gods eyes. This mans act was no different than the doctors whos life he took. they both were lost souls which needed to find the love of God and come unto repentence…now this man will have to live with his dicesion to end another mans life, it would be interesting to interview him in say 25 years and ask him what he thinks then.

  11. I hate to see this as it is always turned against the pro life movement.

    I do understand the frustration many feel, but we must conduct ourselves in a way which will gain respect for the cause.
    I morally feel the Doctor was himself a murderer and should be judged. But not by an individual at his own discretion. It is too dangerous to feel one can take the law into his own hands.
    But the very fact that such a man can be an active member of a church is appalling. That is where the work must begin. In our churches, in our homes, we must gain back the moral ground we have surrendered.
    Our churches are a mess as seen by the fact that so many Christian voted for Obama knowing his stand on abortion.

  12. Dr. Tiller was a member of a very liberal, social-gospel oriented Lutheran church. The church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (I believe). Just how active he was in the church remains to be seen.

    Honestly, I do not see how a Christ follower could embrace abortion; but at the same time, I cannot see how a Christ follower can embrace many of the things I see them embracing every day.

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