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Times They Are A-Changing

Someone posted this link to a discussion group and I just had to share it.

Ironically, this is a great example of cultural assimilation. This type of selling was HUGE in the 50’s, and the church adopted the business technique for their own purposes. I am always amused that people who do this type of ‘evangelism’ complain about Bill Hybels adopting his generation’s business techniques or any of the numerous other approaches we’ve seen over the years.

What bothers me is when people advocate this method of ‘evangelism’ as the only way to do it. They think that because it was effective then, it is somehow secondary Scripture today. Unfortunately people like this are married to a culture – frozen in time. And their approach is just as enculturated as seeker-sensitivity, small groups, and any of a thousand other cultural models that have been adopted over the years.

Preach Jesus and him crucified. Don’t quibble about HOW; just do it.

Philippians 1:15-18


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