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Innovate Conference – Francis Chan


On Tuesday morning, Francis Chan offered us an awesome challenge in ministry. He had a ton of great stuff, and to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised.

One of the best things he shared was this single thought:

It bothers me that the modern church is so stoppable.

I heard that, and I thought, “YES! What is up with that?!?”

Why is the modern church so stoppable? Do you know what I mean by that? A single grumpy member can nix the entire vision of Christ with a single protest. A late nursery worker can make the entire worship service grind to a halt. A Sunday when the biggest giver does not show up means that we are suddenly on the edge of bankruptcy. The modern church spends more time stalled and waiting for consensus than it does doing anything else.

And that should piss us off.

I know that we’re not supposed to get upset with other Christians. I know that we’re supposed to keep everyone happy and let that little old lady have the power to stop everything. That’s just dumb.

The mission of Jesus Christ is unstoppable. So if the church can be stopped and halted by every little thing, then aren’t we compromising the mission and vision? Aren’t we distracted from what Jesus wants us to do?

Watch Francis Chan’s Session.


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