Footholds in the church, part 2

Yesterday, we started this series on Footholds with the thought that Satan gets a foothold in the church when you become internally focused.

It is important to remember that a foothold is not just a victory. Satan has little victories all the time. A foothold is a victory that allows the Enemy a permanent position of power in the church.

Today, let’s think about the second reason we let Satan take a key position in controlling the church.

Satan gets a foothold when you don’t guard the roads.

The lines of communication in the church are absolutely vital. We have to be able to communicate, passing information, encouragement and warnings to one another. These lanes of communication are more important than being right or being offended. Even when people disagree on issues (which NEVER happens, right?), we must consciously keep the roads open.

After the Turks took Kallipolis in 1354, they had a straight shot to Constantinople, but more importantly, they had access to all the outlying lands of Greece and the Balkans. When John V, the Byzantine emperor, refused to submit to the Turkish leader, the Turks wrote to him: “Gather your armies behind your walls because everything outside of them is mine.” The Turks’ control of the roads and sea lanes was absolute.

Because the Byzantines had not guarded their roads, they found themselves without allies or support. Their enemies moved along their fine, Roman roads just as well as the Byzantines had. And the same is true of Satan. When we do not guard our lanes of communication, Satan will take them and use them; and what was once our great strength becomes our greatest problem.


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