A previous post has caused some hub-bub due to its phrasing and I think perhaps some clarification needs to be made. 

In the post, I made some comments about those who look bad in a suit and tie. I just want to clarify something about my experiences in churches where this was the dress code.

Erik and his dadMy father is a suit and tie kind of guy. When I was growing up, he taught me to wear them well. We were less than affluent (read DIRT POOR), so he did not always have the nicest clothes but he always wore them well. Same thing with my mom. She dressed nicely without be ostentatious. And my parents made sure that their children knew how to wear clothes well.

I do not want anyone reading this blog to think that I resent the way I was raised or the influence my parents have had on me as a person, father and leader. My father and I are very different people – that is true. But I don’t regret or resent anything about my upbringing.


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