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Susan Boyle Video (because every blogger has to post about her)

Ok, so if you haven’t watched the video of Britain’s Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle, watch it RIGHT NOW of this post won’t make any sense.

Watched it? Ok.

This video has 20,000,000+ hits as of 2:30 this afternoon. That is since it was posted on Saturday. Yeah, that’s over 4,000,000 hits per day.

Why is the video so popular? Because Susan is a nobody who spent her life taking care of her mom and she has this amazing voice that is better than any female vocal most of us have ever heard. When she talks, no one outside of Scotland can understand her brogue; but when she sings, the entire world is shaken.

It is cliché to say that we have learned a valuable lesson from Susan; but we really have. In a world where Simon Cowell (the same man who compliments Susan so profusely in the video) tells many contestants on American Idol that they “don’t have the look,” Susan is the anti-hero.

Unfortunately, her popularity will fade because we truly are obsessed with appearances and she is not one of the “pretty people” that we idolize. In fact, some of our fascination with her is tied to the fact that she is NOT one of them.

Makes me wonder how much of our Christian faith is “pretty” and completely devoid of spiritual substance. We look for the pretty as well – the big churches, the great looking musicians, the nice bindings on books. We reject the unattractive; and I think we are the worse for it.


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