Why I Dumped McAfee

So, the ongoing saga of my Acer Aspire One continues. I’ve never liked McAfee Antivirus software, but it is free with Comcast as your ISP, so I’ve used it and ignored its bloated tendencies. But the Aspire One is designed to work simply; and the McAfee AV just does not like 1) single core machines and 2) 1GB of RAM.

Now, I may be picky but I think that antivirus software should have a teeny, tiny footprint in the computer’s processes; and McAfee is GIGANTIC. It updates all the time; it is always running some RAM hog process; it installs features most people don’t want or need and its just generally annoying.

Today was the final straw – after McAfee updated 4 times and still said it was missing something. I dumped it and downloaded AVG’s free edition. So far, AVG is light and nimble. It is not invasive and it does not hog RAM. Me likee.


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