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What the HECK is New Calvinism?

Time ran an article recently on the ten ideas changing the world right now. #3 was “the New Calvinism.”

Big thanks to my co-laborer Darrin Shaw of Christ Church on spotting the item.

But WHAT THE HECK? New Calvinism? Let’s be honest. Calvinism is a divisive label applied to people too stiff (or afraid) to pursue Jesus’ agenda for the world. Why do we HAVE to label this movement of trusting God’s sovereignty as Calvinism?

I know John Piper and Mark Driscoll take the title Calvinist with a certain amount of pride, but it isn’t Calvinism – it’s Bible. Why do we have to identify it with a person’s name?

Have you ever noticed that in general use, positions named after people are viewed negatively (McCarthyism anyone?). Why can’t we just say we believe God is sovereign?


4 thoughts on “What the HECK is New Calvinism?”

  1. Actually, the Gospels record quite clearly what Jesus’ agenda was/is.

    I was not disparaging those who consider themselves Calvinists. I just feel that the word has a stigma attached to it and I don’t see why it is necessary to use a man’s name to identify beliefs. Calvin himself looked down on this practice.

  2. Calvinists, admittedly, tend to be fond of labels. I prefer the term ‘Reformed’ to identify those who uphold (that is, recognize as Biblical) the Doctrines of Grace… but I’m not adverse to the ‘Calvinist’ tag. However, it can be misleading insofar as those unversed in Reformed theology may take it to mean someone who ‘follows’ John Calvin, as, say, the students of the Lyceum followed Aristotle. Defining Calvinism by the Doctrines of Grace, one need not even have read anything John Calvin wrote to be a good, orthodox Calvinist.

  3. Calvanism is a twisted idea that a MAN name John Calvin devised as a system of theology, in his idea he promoted that man could never come to the realization of his sinful nature without a Holy God to show him, therefore God in the time before the begining of time choose who would be saved and who would not be saved, those “elect” or “predestined” were foreknown by God and those are the only ones who God sent His Son to die for and save (will be saved), it falls under a limited atonment view of God’s Soverginty.( they like to pull a few words from Ephesians 1. But they stray away from verse 14). the fancy acronym is T.U.L.I.P. for a 5 pointed Calvanist, they have many levels,(I have issues with the “L” myself. We need to be less concerned with those types of ideas and spend more time door knocking and witnessing to the lost! The term Christian means Christ like so we would do well to follow the examples of JESUS rather than some systerm of theology put forth by a man.If you need a label Christian is a great one, if you need a worldly theological label how about Kesswick. Drop the name labeling game and get out and preach the Gospel to the lost the rewards a far more satisfying!

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