My Favorite Christian CD

I’ve had a long, tortuous journey when it comes to music. I consider myself moderately eclectic in my tastes. Since I grew up playing bluegrass and southern gospel, I like things with a southern sound (like early Third Day, for example); but I also love the blues and rock and even a little hip hop (not much, admittedly). I also love world music, Celtic music, and “classical” music.

ImageBut as I’m sitting here at Panera Bread, I am listening to Jesus Freak by DC Talk; and I have to admit that it is by far the best Christian rock CD ever made.

(I think Christian makes a terrible adjective…so I’d actually say it is the best rock CD with a Christian theme, but that’s awfully verbose.)

The CD just has something that makes it great, sets it apart from so much that passes for music in our culture. It doesn’t hurt that it features some of the most original rock tracks ever laid down on a Christian label.

What’s your favorite Christian CD? It can be any style.

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