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My New Favorite Show

ImageLately, Ariel and I have been watching a lot of Imagination Movers. I have to admit, the show is quite entertaining.

If you’ve never watched Imagination Movers, you should DVR an episode.

Imagine what Pee Wee Herman would have been like if #1 he was heterosexual, #2 he were capable of writing catchy tunes that rock, and #3 he was a team of four guys.

The movers are (from left to right): Scott Durbin, Dave Poche, Rich Collins and Scott “Smitty” Smith.

Rich and Dave are both dads (Rich has five kids). The Movers were Rich’s idea. Dave is the bassist, but he writes a lot of the jokes the boys share.

Ariel and I agree that Scott – an award winning elementary school teacher – and Smitty – a firefighter still working on Engine 7 n Basin Street in New Orleans – are our favorites. Scott plays mandolin; and Smitty is the band’s guitarist.

The best thing about the show is the music. Because the band played together on a touring show before having the TV show, they sound great. They write their own music as well, and it blends ideas of pop, rock and even hip-hop.

The show is tons of fun. What’s your favorite kid show that you pretend not to like?


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