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Pastor Erik, Where Have You Gone?

I know that the half dozen or so of you that read this blog have been wondering where I have wandered off to. For the past week, I’ve been covered in drywall dust and paint. Our church has been remodeling our worship space, so pretty much every waking moment has been spent at the space.













It has been a challenging couple of weeks, but our core group has really pitched in and done some amazing work. In the first day, we took down two walls and installed a new doorway. We also built the half walls that will define our children’s area.













When we finished the major work on Saturday (with many tasks still left to do), our auditorium looked completely different and about 75% larger. It was such a dramatic transformation that several of our folks had to think hard before choosing where to sit on Sunday!


I spent yesterday putting together the sign for our children’s ministry. The children’s space will be painted tonight and should be ready to go for our launch on February 8.

Picture 008

That’s pretty much where I have been for the past few days. I am looking forward to my quick trip to Pensacola for my friend Ryan’s graduation from flight school in the USAF (I’ll be out of the office Thursday-Saturday).


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